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Digital Humanities: Podcast Edition

Note: In listening to podcasts, I try my best to listen to current publications rather than those which are 2+ years old, so all of the below are either intermittently updated, regularly updated, or focus on theory rather than practice. There are many many other podcasts out there which have fantastic content but are no longer updated.

Also, this is not a list of the “best” or “definitive” podcasts, just the ones that I personally enjoy listening to the most. If you would like to make a recommendation in the comments or discuss this list, please do so! I’d love to read your thoughts.

Digital Humanities, Media Studies, Digital Scholarship, etc:

MIT: Comparative Media Studies | Writing: 

MIT CMS/W Web Site

Episodes to start with:

  1. Brenda Bathwaite’s “Sex in Games” (5/12/13)
  2. Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics” (5/12/13)
  3. “Remixing Shakespeare” (5/16/13)
  4. Media in Transition “Folk Cultures and Digital Cultures” (5/16/13)
  5. John Palfrey’s “Born Digital” (10/11/13)

University College Dublin: Digital Humanities Exploratorium (2013)

UCD: DH Exploratorium Web Site

Episodes to start with:

  1. Asylum Archive
  2. Cliodhna Ni Lionain
  3. Lisa Cassidy (Built Dublin)

University of Virginia: Scholar’s Lab Speaker Series

UVA: Scholar’s Lab Web Site

Episodes to start with:

  1. Mark Sample (11/16/10)
  2. Using Juxta Commons in the Classroom (4/25/13)
  3. Ceci n’est pas unmanuscript (12/10/13)

Yale University Library: Preservation (video)


Episodes to start with:

  1. Digital Scholarship and the Archives (4/23/13)
  2. Digital Humanities Curriculum and Interdisciplinary Change (4/23/13)

George Mason University’s Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media: Digital Campus


Episodes to start with:

  1. ALA, AHA, and Aaron Swartz (2/3/13)
  2. Fair Use and Access (11/21/13)
  3. Live from THATCamp Prime 2012 (6/20/12)

Stanford Humanities Center (video)

SHC Web Site

Episodes to start with:

  1. ALL OF THEM! But srsly I haven’t started listening to it yet. It just looks fantastic.

Libraries & Information Science and the Humanities:

Adventures in Library Instruction

(no longer updated as of 8/24/12, but still very enjoyable)


Episodes to start with:

  1. She Got Data (6/30/11)
  2. Putting FUN Back In Fundamentals (9/29/11)

American Shakespeare Center

(Dr. Ralph Ellison’s lectures are the bomb)

Episodes to start with:

  1. Dr. Ralph Presents: Richard III (3/14/12)
  2. Dr. Ralph Presents: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (4/30/12)

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